Saturday, August 8, 2009

What to do...

John is home now.

The doctor said that his heart is in godo condiiotn, but that he should keep a close eye on it. Apparently the cause of his symptoms was stress. I know he has stress at work, poor baby! His job is very demanding, because when everything is going fine, his boss makes himfind things that could go wrong, so John spands his time solving crises or preventing them. It is definitely a negative position.

John was thinking before of quitting his job and opening a private law practice, but with the current economic climate, he feels that it is not the right time. I agree. He really does not need another cause of stress right now, especially because I don't have a job and his income supports the family.

That brings me to my next goal. I am thinking of finding a job. The reason I stayed home is that Javier was very unstable, but he seems to be doing much better, regardless of the few times he did not take his medication. I have not been called from schoool for a while, so I think that when classes resume, I can do something.

I am not sure what to do. I am thinking perhaps to get a job right now, but since I have not finished my college degree, my prospects are not that great. I have some experience in retail, and office work, but not that much. Another thing I can do is go back to school to finish my degree. I have two and a half years already of Biology, so it should be completed in a year and a half, if I go at it full-time.

I think I should do something with my life, because I don't want my husband to feel thyat he has to remain trapped into a dead-end job. I want to be able to help, so if he feels like quitting and going private, the family can be sustained during the transition.

I have to think about it...

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